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Sept/Oct 2017 Half Term Fees


Please note that the first half term is longer than usual at 7 weeks!


Theatre School £108.50 (£15.50 x 7 sessions)

MINI Stars £73.50 (£10.50 x 7 sessions)

DIARY 2017/2018

We return for the New Academic Year 2017/2018 on Saturday 16th September 2017


The Cardiff School dates are not as evenly distrubuted throughout the year so sadly we are unable to always keep to 6 week half term sessions.

The Sept/Oct Half Term will be 7 weeks

Nov/Dec Half Term will be 6 weeks

Jan/Feb Half Term will be 7 weeks

March Half Term is only 4 weeks

April/May Half Term will be 6 weeks

Jun/Jul Half Term will be 6 weeks


Oct/Nov Half Term break Saturday 4th November


Dates for performances TBC:

Into the Woods February 2017 TBC

The Wizard of Oz 24th/25th March 2018 TBC








PLEASE ensure that Fees are paid on Saturday 16th September